Mistakes Committed By Event Management Companies


Mistakes Committed By Event Management Companies

Planning and conducting an event is not an easy task to pull off. It is very tricky, and there are good possibilities that it might lead to bad situations. You might have had everything planned perfectly, but a small error in the execution is all it takes for an entire event to become a flop show.  Here are some the mistakes committed by the event management companies.


Lack of communication


It is not just in event management; lack of communication is one of the major issues in many fields. Proper communication can eliminate more than fifty percent of the errors. When it comes communication, it is not just about the main people who are managing and supervising. The communication should be such a way that the lowest person in the hierarchy should be able to communicate with the topmost person. If there is proper communication between suppliers, vendors and ground staff, it will eliminate every possibility of error.

Lack Of Communication




Manpower is one of the key elements of event management. If there are not enough people, it becomes a burden for everyone. There will be an interruption in the workflow.  To be frank, it is always better and safe to have extra members of the crew. It is because every event is unpredictable. There are very good possibilities that more number of people might turn out. If there is less number of staff, it becomes hard to handle, and things become chaos.


Not having Plan B



This is one the most common mistakes that event management companies do. There should always be a plan B. Having a backup plan is not just about being safe. It also gives the confidence to proceed further without the fear of things going wrong. For example, simple things like having a generator backup will help if there is a power cut. It doesn’t mean that we are expecting a power cut to happen. When it comes to event management, it is better to ask yourself the question “what if” for every step that you take.


Less promotion


There might be a lot of reason for not promoting an event. It might be a financial constraint and a lot of other things. But ultimately it burns down to affecting the brand and financial loss. Every event needs its promotion. The range of promotions might vary from event to event.  It is necessary that we should reach as many people as possible.


less promotion


Low usage of tech


Not everyone makes this mistake. But most of the event management companies are not using the technology to the optimum levels. Simple ones like a guest list can be checked with the tab or phone. It is high time that people need to say goodbye to the papers. Use of these things eliminates much confusion and contributes to the success of the event.

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